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Concepting & Ideation: The Process

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Getting to Know You

We don't pretend to know everything about you or your business. We engage by having initial meetings so that we can learn about you, where you have been and where you desire to go. These meetings are called different names by different people in varying industries but essentially it all boils down to determined collaboration.

In our house we refer to this type of meeting as a charrette. Charrettes often take place in multiple sessions in which Green Olive Media consultants gather with you and your team sometimes forming sub groups based on the topics of concern. By forming these groups, we are able to efficiently generate a host of solutions while integrating the aptitudes of our diverse consultancy with your team. A team may consist of naming consultants, brand strategists, operational teams; regardless of the makeup of the team, the integral component is that during the Consultation phase of our relationship, YOU will be present.

We only take on projects where we can affect real change and garner measurable results. We listen intently to pipe dreams; we don't guarantee we will chase them.


We take our time and so should you. We employ a time honed battery of analytical methods including inductive and deductive reasoning, social network analysis, and brainstorming to examine your business needs and real solutions. Our findings are delivered in a manner that serves as the fundamental basis for further action and recommendation. The following are addressed during this phase of the partnership:

Current Situation - Market Analysis
  • Market Definition
  • Market Size
  • Market Segmentation
  • Industry Structure and Strategic Groupings
  • Competition and Market Share
  • Competitors' Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Market Trends

Current Situation Consumer Analysis
  • Nature of Buying Situation
  • Participants
  • Demographics

Current Situation Internal
  • Company Resources (financial, people, time, skills)
  • Objectives (business philosophy, mission and vision statements, corporate culture, corporate objectives, financial objectives, marketing objectives, long-term objectives)


Once we reach this step of the process, it's time to synthesize our findings and develop a plan. We take the data that we've accumulated up to this point and move forward with a strategy.

Market Strategy - Promotion
  • Promotional Goals
  • Promotional Mix
  • Advertising Reach, Frequency, Flights, Theme, and Media
  • Sales Force Requirements, Techniques, and Management
  • Sales Promotion
  • Publicity and Public Relations
  • Electronic Promotion (e.g.: web, or telephone)
  • Word of Mouth Marketing (buzz)
  • Viral Marketing


Now is the time to implement all of our previous work and put it into tangible deliverables.

  • Personnel Requirements (assign responsibilities, give incentives, training on selling methods)
  • Financial Requirements
  • Manangement Information Systems Requirements
  • Month-by-Month Agenda
  • Monitoring Results and Benchmarks


It is always our desire to remain involved with projects over time. We recognize that client needs evolve with internal growth and market conditions.

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