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Atlanta, Georgia 30363
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We create brands. We’re Green Olive Media, an award-winning branding firm, specializing in design, communications, concepting, and ideation. We are a team of thinkers, consultants, designers, marketers, strategists, and public relations professionals specializing in creating unique and impactful solutions for both new and existing brands. Our process is simple. We work collaboratively with our clients to craft their message, visualize their story and manage consumer perception. Whether you are starting from scratch, revitalizing, or completely overhauling a brand, we provide you with the attention your brand needs and deserves. Our work is largely based in the food and beverage industry; but most importantly, we work with people, products, and concepts that we believe in, no matter what the industry may be.
what's new
June 2014
Secret Harbour Villas (St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands)
Nestled in the hillside of the Secret Harbour community on the US Virgin Island of St. Thomas, is Secret Harbour Villas. Click here for more about how Green Olive Media is partnering with this luxury property to handle public relations and design of a new logo.
June 2014
Precinct Kitchen + Bar (Boston, MA)
We are excited to be working with Precinct Kitchen + Bar. They're cooking up classic Boston cuisine in the Loews Boston Hotel. Click here for more about our other new clients.
June 2014
Chuy’s (based in Austin, TX with multiple locations throughout the country)
Green Olive Media is proud to partner with Chuy’s to open a new location this summer in Kennesaw, a neighborhood just outside of the great city of Atlanta. Click here for more info on what we'll be doing with them.
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